Black sparkling masses of silver

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“The light of our candles disclosed great black sparkling masses of silver on every side. The walls were of silver, the roof over our heads was of silver, and the very dust that filled our lungs and covered our boots and zakelijke energie clothing with a gray coating was of fine silver. We were told that in this chamber a million dollars’ worth of silver lies exposed to the naked eye and our observations confirm the statement. How much lies back of it, Heaven only knows.” Heaven knew exactly. For while tlrn supergene enrichmentsin their prodigal dispersal through the Basin and Range-were some of the richest silver deposits ever discovered in the world, they were also the shallowest. There was just so much lying there, and it was truly bonanzan-to print money would take more time than to pick up this silver-but when it was gone it was gone, and it went quickly. Sometimes-as in the Comstock Lode in Virginia City-there were “true veins” in fissures below, containing silver of considerable value if more modest assay, but more often than not there was nothing below the enrichment. Mining and milling towns developed and died in less than a decade. We were on our way to a nineteenth-century mine, and were now turning switchbacks and climbing the high mountainside. Deffeyes, in zakelijke energie vergelijken order to consult maps, had turned over the wheel to me. He said his interest in the secondary recovery of silver had been one result of certain computer models that had been given wide circulation in the early nineteen-seventies, using differential equations to link such things as world population, pollution, resources, and food, and allow them to swim forward through time, with a resulting prediction that the world was more or less going to come to an end by the year 2000, because it would run out of resources. “We have found all obvious deposits, and, true enough, we’ve got to pay the price,” he said. “But they did not take into account reserves or future discoveries or picking over once again what the old-timers left behind.” Seeking commissions from, for example, the Department of Energy, he began doing studies of expectable discoveries of petroleum and uranium. He sort of slid inadvertently from uranium into silver after a syndicate of New York businessmen came to him to ask for his help in their quest for gold.

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