Various hiatuses

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Through the eighteen-nineties, there are various hiatuses in the resume of John Love, but as cowboy and homesteader he very evidently prospered, and he also formed durable friendships-with Chief Washakie, for example, and with the stagecoach driver Peggy Dougherty, and with Robert LeRoy Parker and Harry Longabaugh (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid). There came a day when Love could not contain his developed curiosity in the presence of the aging chief. He zakelijke energie vergelijken asked him what truth there was in the story of Crowheart Butte. Had Washakie really eaten his enemy’s heart? The chief said, “Well, Johnny, when you’re young and full of life you do strange things.” Robert LeRoy Parker was an occasional visitor at Love’s homestead on Muskrat Creek, which was halfway between Hole-in-theWall and the Sweetwater River-that is, between Parker’s hideout and his woman. Love’s descendants sometimes stare bemusedly at a photograph discovered a few years ago in a cabin in Jackson Hole that had belonged to a member of the Wild Bunch. The photograph, made in the middle eighteen-nineties, shows eighteen men with Parker, who is wearing a dark business suit, a tie and a starchy white collar, a bowler hat. Two of the bunch are identified only by question marks. One of these is a jaunty man of middle height and strong zakelijke energie frame, his hat at a rakish angle-a man with a kindly face, twinkling shrewd eyes, and a mustache growing over his mouth like willows bending over a brook. It may be doubtful whether John Love would have joined such a group, but when you are young and full of life you do strange things. At Red Bluff Ranch, Mrs. Mills once twitted Mr. Love for being Scottish when other Scots were around and American in the presence of Americans. For a split second, Mr. Love thought this over before he said, “That leaves me eligible for the Presidency.” Out of Mr. Love’s buggy came a constant supply of delicacies and exotic gifts-including candy, nuts, apples-which he came by who knows where and liberally distributed to all. Miss Waxham began to look upon him as “a veritable Santa Claus”; and, predictably, at Christmastime Santa appeared.

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